By Herd, David

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The poems during this assortment are made out of the fractured words and competing idioms of latest stream and the interpretation among private and non-private spacesconversations that commence and are damaged off; public bulletins intervening in deepest events; an emergency that's approximately to spread within the historical past. Taking bearings from Dover and London and wrestling with topics of elegy and protest, official Read more...


Taking bearings from Dover and London, from elegy and protest, from reliable constructions that confirm the place humans can cross, and the futures that move them, this ebook explores the social areas in Read more...

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Stop. Designated ‘fugal’, in flight, decked with the certainties of science, upon which they opened their eyes – a man from India. Stopped. Beaten and detained following the common trajectory, emulating the curve drifting northward imagining the map, laid out in way stations, inward with the land from which he emerged only arbitrarily, intimate with the limitations of a biological being, like a fugue, fugue-like, wintering darkly passing sometimes crossing, watching the shipping home, taken with a view, vulnerable, physical, ideational bones nerves a man from Eritrea.

Ecology (out set) What stands discrete scattered against the outbuildings mallow goldfinch complex terms and you, stood there not knowing if you’re coming or going ‘beautifully economical’ ‘hostile world’ Bric-a-brac After that day barely thought worth recording in natural history, since the moment the order of expectation stopped – since the inquiries, after – some people inquire after – whose absence – the day the conversation broke off – Since then – bric-a-brac – plums lain smashed among the mallow – putting it all together, one by one – the road, the lilac tree, these facts are of plain signification – and all the time wanting to tell you about it.

What he imagined was a vanishing point, A tenacious correspondence between diverse spheres. Or rather, a kind of serenity [eue’maneria, beautiful day] The new politics which remains largely to be invented. m. Candle. Birds. Trees. Bread. Seized [s’est chargé], Already the staccato. Just about, merely Circulating. Sans papiers Quite different from those who stayed at home Many of whom developed with them As they spread – gambling, choosing where to invest Based on conflict in an empty land, There to make substantial voyages – A few, scattering, made their way across; Through cold, similarly barren landscapes Mitigated by panic – birds, deer – The first of them, helped by sudden strange warmings In small bands, though many must have starved; Till they could go again, ranged against the chilly edges Where parts of the message must have disappeared With time but also through violence, errors in transmission So it couldn’t be framed how much movement there had been; Only to advance, similarly toward resources Outward into the wood-belts as knowledge itself moved With them as they spread, gambling forwards Given curiously into deep unease.

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