By Guillermo E. Rosado Haddock

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The current choice of seventeen papers, such a lot of them already released in foreign philosophical journals, offers either with matters within the philosophy of common sense, the philosophy of arithmetic, the philosophy of language and epistemology. the 1st half comprises severe checks and a bit of deviant renderings of the paintings of 2 seminal philosophers, Frege and Husserl, in addition to of the younger Carnap and Kripke. the second one half comprises analyses of relevant matters within the philosophy of good judgment, the philosophy of arithmetic and semantics, together with arguments on behalf of Platonism within the philosophy of arithmetic, a security of second-order good judgment, a brand new definition of analyticity, a cartoon of a semantics for mathematical statements and a critique of Kripke's attainable international semantics for modal common sense.

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27 called Context Principle, that is, one has to look for the meaning of words (all words) in the context of statements in which they occur, and (3) the radical separation between concept and object. About the distinction between the logical and the psychological and about the distinction between concept and object there is little more to say: they permeate Frege’s whole philosophy and are the two pillars on which it is based. The Context Principle, however, has a more modest role even in Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik, where it is mentioned only three more times, namely, in §§ 60 and 62, when discussing the first and the second attempt, respectively, to define the notion of number, and in §104, which is just part of the compendium of theses at the end of the book.

To judge is to acknowledge the truth or falsity of a thought. Finally, it should be mentioned that Frege distinguishes the thought expressed in a statement from the nuances that frequently accompany the verbal formulation of a thought, for example, if instead of simply saying ‘Peter has not arrived’, someone says ‘Peter has still not arrived’ or ‘Sorry, but Peter has not arrived’. The three statements express the same thought, but the second and third have some nuances that in some oblique way indicate that one expects him to arrive or, respectively, that one is sorry that he has not arrived.

128-136 and 60-75, respectively. 33 ‘content’ is clearly the conceptual content. 29 If they were to express the same thought, their equivalence would be trivially true. But since once Frege distinguishes between sense and referent, he maintains that the referent of a statement is a truth-value, that is, either the True or the False, it is perfectly clear that it cannot be the referent, which they have in common either with ‘Paris is the capital of France in 2010’ or with ‘Paris is not the capital of France in 2010’ – depending on whether the sides of the presumed definitions are true or false.

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