By Yeats, William Butler; Yeats, William Butler; McCready, Sam

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ISBN-13: 9780313283710

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Hindu Myths: A Sourcebook Translated from the Sanskrit. Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Penguin, 1975. ANGEL, character in The Countess Cathleen and The Hour-Glass. In The Countess Cathleen, a group of Angels appears as the Countess dies. When the poet Aleel demands to know her fate, one of the Angels assures him she has gone to Heaven. In The Hour-Glass, an Angel, upturning an hourglass, tells the Wise Man that he will die in an hour and go to Hell. When challenged by the Wise Man, the Angel tells him he may go to Heaven if he finds, before the sand runs out, one person who believes in God.

16 AOIFE AOIFE, legendary Scottish queen. She is the daughter of Ard-Greimne and sister of Scathach. When her sister, accompanied by the youthful Cuchulain, opposes her in battle, Aoife challenges Cuchulain to a duel. He wins but spares her life on condition she make peace with her sister. She becomes his lover and bears him a son, Connla, whom she raises to hate his father. She sends the boy to Ireland to challenge him in single combat. Cuchulain accepts, and the boy is killed. At the conclusion of WBY’s play At the Hawk’s Well, the young Cuchulain leaves to fight with Aoife, while in The Death of Cuchulain, Aoife appears when the fatally wounded warrior is about to die and ties his body to a stake so that he may die upright.

ALEXANDRIA, largest seaport in Egypt. C. by Alexander, Alexandria is situated on the Mediterranean Sea, west of the Nile delta. It was 10 ALGECIRAS an important center of Greek and Jewish culture, with a university and two royal libraries, whose collections have not survived. , Alexandria was conquered by the Romans. D. 642, its importance as a center of learning declined. In WBY’s play The Resurrection (CPl. 580), The Greek claims to have come from Alexandria where he saw the worshippers of Dionysus carousing in the streets.

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