By Robert V. Remini

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This draft was submitted to the convention on September 12 and reviewed at length. After a few minor changes each of the twelve state delegations voted to approve the Constitution on September 17, 1787. Of the forty-two members present, three refused to sign the final copy: Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts, and Edmund Randolph and George Mason of Virginia. The signed document then went forth with a letter of recommendation to the Congress under the Articles that the states call special conventions elected by the people to approve or reject the instrument.

It ended with King Philip’s death in August 1676, when his severed head was put on public display. The Fr ench cons tit u ted another problem for the English settlers. In their search for furs they had spilled down from Canada into the western regions beyond the Appalachian Mountains and around the Great Lakes. As directed by the French governor of Canada, Marquis Duquesne de Menneville, they built a series of forts from Lake Erie to the Ohio River to ensure their control. The rivalry for empire between England and France had already developed into a hundred years of warfare, starting in the late seventeenth century, in both Europe and America.

Without him no Union seemed possible. So the electors unanimously elected him chief executive and John Adams Vice President. Coming from Massachusetts, Adams provided a good balance to Washington, a Virginian—thus both North and South were represented in the executive branch—and his career as a public servant and his contributions in the struggle for independence placed him in the front ranks of American statesmen. He was among the members who had negotiated the treaty that ended the Revolution, and he had represented the new nation at various times in France, Holland, and England.

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