By Markus Montag

ISBN-10: 1842145479

ISBN-13: 9781842145470

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ISBN-13: 9781842145487

One of many fresh advances in assisted replica cures (ART), more suitable applied sciences for deciding on doable oocytes, sperm, and embryos are of fundamental value. mockingly, the most recent advances offered at meetings and symposia are usually gradual to turn into a part of the day-by-day regimen in IVF laboratories. Detailing proven and constructing concepts, a pragmatic consultant to picking Gametes and Embryos Read more...

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Wikland M. Oocyte retrieval. In: In Vitro Fertilization – A Practical Approach (ed. Gardner D). , 2007, pp. 117–126. Higdon H, Blackhurst D, Boone W. Incubator management in an assisted reproductive technology laboratory. Fertil Steril 2008;89:703–710. 20. Endler GC, Stout M, Magyar DM, et al. Follicular fluid concentrations of thiopental and thiamylal during laparoscopy for oocyte retrieval. Fertile Steril 1987;48:828–833. Hayez MF, Sacco AG, Savoy-Moore RT, et al. Effect of general anaesthesia on fertilization and cleavage of human oocytes in vitro.

Control and maintenance of proper pH and temperature are key to success. If oocytes and embryos also are cultured in dishes with a flat surface that is in direct contact with the heated surface of the incubator, there will be less variation in temperature and less damage to meiotic spindles, aneuploidy rate, and delay in embryo development. After fertilization and scoring of the quality of the zygotes, they are either cultured singly or in groups, and preferably in droplets. In single culture, the embryo development and quality can be successively ­evaluated, facilitating the selection of the best embryos for transfer.

Com) 5. Round-bottom test tubes for collection of FF a. Nunc, 150268, VitroWare, Corning 6. Serological pipettes a. 5 and 10 mL (Nunc, 159625 and 159633) 7. Collection and culture dishes a. , Nunc, LifeGlobal, Corning, VitroWare). 8. 2 PROCEDURE Day 1: Preparations on the day before oocyte collection 1. Turn off the heating of the LAF bench where the dishes are to be prepared. a. The ventilation of the LAF bench should have been turned on before the area is cleaned to prevent release of dirt from the filter during the initial start of the LAF bench.

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