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3 Frequency Distribution of Father’s Occupation Variable The “Valid Percent” column takes into account missing values. In this case, there are no missing values, so the “Percent” and “Valid Percent” columns are the same. The “Cumulative Percent” is a cumulative percentage of the cases for the category and all categories listed before it in the table. 5%, within rounding error). The cumulative percentages are not meaningful unless the scale of the variable has at least ordinal properties. Ordinal means that the values of the variable are ordered.

For instance, the median is 14 weeks. We will discuss some of the other statistics, such as the variance, standard deviation, and range in the Chapter 4. Proportion as a Mean There is an exception to the rule that requires a variable to have numerical properties in order to calculate the mean — it is the dichotomous categorical variable. A dichotomous variable is a variable with only two possible values. If such a variable is coded with values 0 and 1, the mean will be the proportion of the cases with a value of 1.

Why? sav” data file contains information on top grossing movies of 2001. Following the steps below, use SPSS to illustrate the principle that the sum of all deviations from the mean is zero. a. 26 weeks. Compute a new variable, called “dev,” representing deviations from this mean. Details for computing variables are contained in Chapter 1. ” b. Now, compute the sum and mean of this new variable, “dev,” using the Descriptives procedure. c. Did you find that both the sum and mean are 0? Why is this?

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