By Paul Bowles, Larbi Layachi

ISBN-10: 0061565296

ISBN-13: 9780061565298

probably the most strange literary options ever produced, A existence filled with Holes is the results of a unique collaboration among striking members: Driss ben Hamed Charhadi, an illiterate North African servant and highway seller, and mythical American novelist and essayist Paul Bowles. The robust tale of a shepherd and petty trafficker suffering to take care of desire as he wrestles with the bleak realities of everyday life, it's the first novel ever written within the Arabic dialect Moghrebi, faithfully recorded and translated into English by means of Bowles. common but wealthy in advanced feelings, it's a attention-grabbing within examine an unexpected culture—harsh and startling, but interwoven with a poignant, poetic good looks.

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Sarah and I moved our few possessions in. The big moment came. I sat the typewriter down on the desk and I put a piece of paper in there and I hit the keys. The typewriter still worked. And there was plenty of room for an ashtray, the radio and the bottle. Don’t let anybody tell you different. Life begins at 65. 63 13 Down at the Marina del Rey times were getting hard. For transportation Jon Pinchot was driving a green 1968 Pontiac convertible and François Racine drove a brown 1958 Ford. They also had two Kawasaki motorcycles, a 750 and a 1000.

Chinaski,” I heard another voice. A whiskey appeared before me. ” and I knocked it off. “Go easy,” said Sarah, “you know how you are. ” The bartender brought another whiskey. He was a little guy with dark red blotches all over his face. He looked meaner than anybody in there. He just stood there, staring at me. ” “If you insist,” I said and raised the glass of whiskey. Then I passed it to Sarah who knocked it off. She gave a little cough and set the glass down. ” Then there was a little group gathering slowly behind us.

She gave a little cough and set the glass down. ” Then there was a little group gathering slowly behind us. “Chinaski. ” I paid the barkeep and we backed off our stools and moved toward the door. Again I noticed the leather jackets and the blandness of 48 the faces and the feeling that there wasn’t much joy or daring in any of them. There was something totally missing in the poor fellows and something in me wrenched, for just a moment, and I felt like throwing my arms around them, consoling and embracing them like some Dostoyevsky, but I knew that would finally lead nowhere except to ridicule and humiliation, for myself and for them.

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