By Alan Campbell Wares

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Vâ 'moon', lâp 'to burn', malpú 'navel', méik 'rat', xamâl 'squirrel'; /r/ râp 'pain', mafi'k 'bean', wir 'hard'. The semiconsonants of Τ are similar to those of Co. Examples: /y/ yaw 'tooth', yók 'vomit', sa'ywl 'trousers, skirt', miyúl 'sweet', ri»ixây 'wet', ksiyœy 'doctor'; /w/ wir 'hard', wâm 'to walk', towà 'to grind', cuwów 'to plant', yiw 'eye'. Tipai has a five-vowel system. Examples : /i/ ' r 'firewood', mar'i'k 'bean', miy 'foot' ; /e/ êè 'yes', sèi 'hand', maspé 'dead'; /a/ V a w 'fire', má{ 'earth', χά 'water'; /o/ 'ox 'cough', xanfók 'straight'; /u/ u'm 'owl', M / 'spider', tú 'belly'.

3ράΛ 'people' ; maléúlv3 'it is sweet', maHúlv1-2· 'sugar'. Like Walapai, Mohave has a variety of phonotactic patterns, the simplest being CV(·), as in 'yes'. With a preceding vowel, this becomes VCV(·), as in ihú 'nose', avé 'mouse', asé 'buzzard'; and with a preceding CV, it becomes CVCV(·), as in Jacr'· 'fish', pipá· 'person', vahó 'intestines'. This same open syllable pattern, preceded by a consonant becomes CCV, as in spa 'eagle', or with a preceding VC, it becomes VCCV, as in ahmó 'pestle', ahpé 'metate'.

The alveolar /n/ does not occur in initial position and is rare elsewhere, since the alveopalatal /ny/ corresponds most frequently to /n/ in the other languages. Examples of Co nasals: /m/ mi 'foot', Smâx 'to sleep', pám 'to fall*;/n/ mani-s 'scorpion', χάη 'very'; /n*/ nVél 'friend', warflúr 'to write', supânν 'flower'. / is pronounced with considerable friction and tends to be palatalized. No contrast was noted in my data, however, between palatalized and unpalatalized voiceless laterals. The fourth liquid is normally a trill /r/, as in Maricopa, but there are instances in my data of free variation with flap articulation.

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