By Fahad H. Al Jumah

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It is the official language for most countries in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria and the United Arab Emirates, and North Africa, like Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Morocco. It is also used in Central Asia, West Africa and the eastern African coasts as far south as the Comoros, where it is designated as an official tongue. In earlier times, Arabic found use in the greater part of Spain (Andalusia). During the 6th century, it became an accepted literary as well as scientific language.

Moreover, the understanding of 34 teamwork metaphors was also found to be dependent on the organizational culture, expectations of team roles, scope, objectives and membership. Dodd (2002) offered similar support for the cultural specificity of metaphors. In his analysis of the grounded cultural model of US entrepreneurship, he provided a conception that had a markedly American description, which he had starkly contrasted with European mental entrepreneurship models and other metaphorically derived models of organizational behavior.

Because of its spread, Arabic also evolved many distinct dialects, although there could be intelligible communication between speakers across different geographic regions. Among the well known dialects are Egyptian Arabic, Maghreb Arabic (for much of North Africa) Ḥassānīya (in Mauritania and Western Sahara) and Levantine Arabic (for Lebanon, Palestine and the western regions of Syria and Jordan). With its 46 conspicuous place in the business world today, Arabic has been predicted as one of four languages that may retain prominence among the world’s major languages in decades to come (Graddol, 2006) English English is undoubtedly the most sought after second language in the world.

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