By Dougal Dixon, Neil Clark, William Lindsay, Sue Grabham

ISBN-10: 0751344176

ISBN-13: 9780751344172

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Warm-blooded animals have a twin pressure system. Perhaps dinosaurs had a similar system. DINOSAUR LIFESTYLES COLD-BLOODED SUNBATHER A typical cold-blooded creature, such as a lizard, spends hours sunbathing to raise the body’s temperature to a level where it can work effectively. To avoid overheating, the lizard can cool off in the shade. When it is cold at night, or in the winter, reptiles are inactive. BRACHIOSAURUS 53 INTRODUCTION Eggs, nests, and young Dinosaurs laid eggs, like most other reptiles as well as birds.

The neck bones were cupped tightly together to give a very mobile and curved neck. When Allosaurus’s jaws bit into prey, powerful neck muscles pulled the massive head up and back, tearing chunks of flesh from the victim. Curved neck Powerful jaws with huge, sharp teeth LIKE AN OSTRICH Gallimimus held its head high above its shoulders, like an ostrich. In this position, Gallimimus could swivel its head on its long neck to give good vision in all directions. Long, flexible neck The skull may have weighed as much as 113 lb (51 kg ).

Brains watching for are too soft to fossilize, but casts from the inside of dinosaur skulls predators. CROSS-SECTION OF SKULL OF PARASAUROLOPHUS show us their shapes and sizes. Long air passages SKULL OF PARASAUROLOPHUS Crest was Teeth Nasal opening where air enters 50 3 ft (1 m) long MAKING NOISES Parasaurolophus and other crested dinosaurs could produce noisy signals from their head crests, identifying themselves to each other or warning of danger. Tubular sound chambers ran from the nose of Parasaurolophus up into its crest.

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